Training and mentoring

I provide a wide range of courses for professionals from museums, science centres, art galleries, zoos, heritage centres and other visitor attractions. These courses cover: visitor research, evaluation techniques, audience development interpretive planning, exhibition development, learning policy and practice.

Courses involve a mixture of individual and small group activities, discussions and case studies. Participants are provided with electronic copies of the presentation slides, background information and a recommended reading list. In addition the course fee entitles each participant up to 2 hours of free consultancy via email. Additional support and mentoring services can be arranged.

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I also offer longer-term mentoring and support for exhibition development, education and visitor research teams including:

  • Identifying training and development needs for staff
  • Researching and summarising key evaluation reports and academic papers to guide the choice of target audience, content and interpretative approach
  • Providing advice and supports on evaluation, interpretative planning, content research and the development of interactive exhibits
  • Developing sponsorship proposals, content hierarchies, learning outcomes, interpretation strategies, design briefs and evaluation reports
  • Editing questionnaires, observation protocols, focus group topic guides and evaluation reports; advising on data analysis
  • Providing advice on how to use visitor research to guide the development of projects and operational plans
  • Helping project teams to work effectively with designers, exhibit developers and sponsors

Visitor research & evaluation

I provide specialist visitor research services including:

  • Designing questionnaires, surveys and observation protocols
  • Analysing data and writing evaluation reports
  • Formative evaluation of prototype exhibits
  • Front-end and summative evaluation of projects
  • Expert appraisal of proposed exhibits, exhibition content and layout
  • Desk research producing reviews of previously published academic and evaluation studies

Strategic planning and policy development

Through stakeholder and sector consultation, desk research and by facilitating team discussions I can assist with the development of:

  • Education policies
  • Audience development strategies
  • Visitor research plans
  • Exhibition interpretation strategies
  • Design briefs for exhibitions and web sites

Sponsorship proposals

I can:

  • Researching content for proposals
  • Developing ideas for exhibits, on-line resources and live interpretation
  • Advise on target audiences
  • Recommend strategies for incorporating evaluation, prototype development and audience consultation
  • Reviewing and edit draft sponsorship proposals

Workshops and brain-storming sessions

I offer a range of innovative workshops and brain-storming sessions to help project teams to:

  • Develop ideas for interpreting objects and interactive exhibits
  • Define vision and objectives for new projects
  • Organise content for exhibitions and web sites
  • Identify target audiences
  • Define interpretation strategies for exhibitions and web sites
  • Define roles and responsibilities for team members and agree working practices